It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait…

by Kate on June 23, 2009

until I finish this quilt.

The girls in my sewing group know how difficult I find hand stitching…it is not the actual stitching part I struggle with (even though I am SO slow), it is the time it takes.

I am goal driven, I’m not one to have loads of unfinished projects laying around for weeks on end. I like to start something and finish it.

I saw this quilt in it’s finished glory and although I knew it would be a struggle I knew the end result would be worthwhile.

This quilt is going to be worked on every night while my little machine waits patiently in storage. When we find a house in Melbourne out comes the machine and more than likely this quilt will be folded up until I can face it again.

I will have at least 2 whole weeks…every night…plugging away. I wonder just how much I will achieve??

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