Golden Haze…

by Kate on July 12, 2010

Another mini quilt, this time for my secret partner in The Down Under Doll Quilt Swap. There are only 18 of us in this swap so I’m thinking once my partner sees this, they will know that it is for them.

 I trawled through my partner’s blog a few weeks ago, it contains some beautiful images and after making a few notes I decided I wanted to use lots of earthy, warm tones.

Made entirely from Kona solids; orange, wheat, canary, golf, ochre, amber, straw, corn yellow, earth, butterscotch, school bus, sunflower and caramel.

The quilt measures about 20″ square and is backed with some Heather Ross Far Far Away. It is essentially just a giant log cabin, cut into 4 and pieced back together.

I have it on very good authority that my partner is fond of wonky. I’m not great at the wonk so I tried to make the quilt wonky without acutally having to do too much wonk. I’m not entirely sure how successful I have been on that front!

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