Ice Cream Social – Dress 1

by Kate on July 20, 2010

The Ice Cream Social is well under way but if you haven’t started yet, don’t fret! The pattern is extremely comprehensive and once you have your fabric prepared the dress comes together really quickly.

You can find Amy’s first sew a-long post here. It has detailed information on pattern tracing as well as cutting out your pattern pieces.

Today, I thought I would share with you how I transfer the pattern markings to the fabric pattern pieces.

If you are making view C (which is the Ice Cream Dress top) the only markings you need to transfer are the notches (these appear as triangles on the pattern and are to line up the yoke and the gathers). You also need to transfer the dots which indicate where you need to sew the ‘v’ as well as the button and button loop placement.

To mark the notches, I use small scissors and cut through the pattern and both pieces of fabric. This is called a ‘nick’ and the photograph below shows that it is just a small cut just to the point of the triangle on the pattern.

You don’t want to cut too deeply, just enough so that when the pattern sheet is removed you will see the cut.

For the button hole and button loop placement, I just used a water soluble marker to transfer the ‘dots’ – this is called tacking. Generally, tacking is done with a similar coloured thread and you sew the markings onto the fabric. I normally do it this way, (especially if I am making myself a garment and there are quite a few markings to transfer) but for this pattern I thought that was overkill.

This dress is made with a Kafe shot cotton and a print from Sevenberry.
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