To stash or not to stash?

by Kate on October 4, 2010

A very personal question, wouldn’t you agree?

This time last year I was looking at my fabric stash and thought ‘why do I have an entire cupboard full of fabric?’. At that time, I very rarely sewed from my stash and I realised that my taste in fabric had changed. I decided to offload the fabric that I knew I wouldn’t use and change both my fabric buying and sewing habits.

Now, where possible, I try and sew from my stash as much as I can. This is pretty easy to do on small projects but quilts are a bit different. I generally buy fabric when I am making a quilt but I am really anal about quantities  and buy only what is required.

There are a few exceptions to my ‘non-stashing’ rule and they include solids, linen and Liberty. I know I will always use these guys and like to have a selection on hand.

My little system has being working quite nicely which I think is assisted greatly by having a fantastic patchwork store on my doorstep. I just don’t need to be buying up in bulk anymore.

Storage was also a big reason why I didn’t really sew from my stash. Having my fabric locked away in a cupboard didn’t make for an inspiring sewing environment and when Kirst was offloading this little hutch, I snapped it up.

This is pretty much my entire stash (apart from my linens and treasured Liberty’s – they are housed elsewhere).

The hutch lives in our study and I love that every time I am on the computer, I can swivel around, look at my fabric and contemplate the next project.

So, do you or do you not stash? Is it a conscious decision or do circumstances play a part?

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