The Making of a Quilt (ballerina) – Planning

by Kate on March 14, 2011

Over the next few Monday’s I am going to share with you, from start to finish, how I make a quilt.

Most of my quilts are made very randomly, just piecing bits of fabric together here and there until I reach a size I am happy with. The ballerina quilt, well…it requires a little more thought.

Kirst has recently finished landscaping her garden and one of the most spectacular features is the patchwork paving. Needless to say, It provided instant inspiration.

When starting out on a quilt, the first thing I determine is how big I want it to be and I then work backwards. This may sound stupidly obvious but I cannot tell you how many times I have dove right in, only to be left with something that is less than ideal.

This quilt will be made for Maddie and although I am not too fussed about it covering the entire bed, I want it to be a decent size, one that she won’t grow out of too quickly. I have decided on a whopper: 80″ x 88″.

I find that at this point it helps to do a rough sketch of block types and placement. I generally do this in a notebook and then I draw up the individual blocks on graph paper. My math is appaling at best and the graph paper is a great way of getting the measurements correct the first time round.

There will be six different block types in this quilt, all made up of squares and rectangles. It is a simple layout but I am hoping it is really going to show off the feature fabric but more on the next week.

Pop back on the 21st of March for step 2 – fabric selection.

** I would like to make this series as interactive as possible. If you have ANY questions on fabric selection (or any other questions relating to ‘the making of a quilt’), please drop me a note and I will do my best to answer it next Monday **

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