by Kate on June 13, 2011

A few weeks ago I was having an internal battle about my lack of patchworking and in an effort to inspire myself pulled out a bunch of fabrics and sat down at the machine.


After about an hour or so I realised I wasn’t having much fun so packed up the blocks* and machine and got the hell out of the craft room.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my lack of quilting and about my lack of enthusiasm in general about a craft that I used to love doing SO much.


In doing so, I have come to a few conclusions about myself:

Number 1 – I am an all or nothing sort of girl and for the last three years have been flat out on the sewing machine, like a woman possessed. Is it possible that I’m all sewed out?

Number 2 – I love making things for other people. Nearly every family member has a quilt made by me so until friends start having more babies the need for me to make just isn’t there.

Number 3 – Making quilts just so that I have something to post about, is, quite frankly absurd.

I’m not saying “I’m never going to make another quilt again” but I just think it could be a long time between drinks.


You may have also noticed that I am currently going through a ‘flat out on the hook’ phase. Who knows how long it will last for but I’m enjoying it while it does and I hope you do to.

*In an effort to not have another unfinished project hanging around, I turned the discarded blocks into potholders.

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