Thrifting adventures

by Kate on July 12, 2011

Kirst first took me to Tyabb for my birthday back in March and let me tell you …it was love at first sight.

Thrifting Adventures

If you are from Melbourne, then chances are you have probably already taken a trip to Tyabb. If you haven’t but love all things antique, vintage, art deco etc etc etc then I would get yourself down there pronto.

There are three main places in Tyabb to stop: The Bottom Drawer, The Vintage Shed and The Tyabb Packing House. Here you will find the creme de la creme of all things old.

Seriously, once you have been here I doubt you will ever want to forage in an op shop again, hunting for gems – these places are full of them.

On my second trip, I picked up these beauties (a set of six) for the princely sum of $8. They are in perfect condition and have already been used around the table.

Thrifting Adventures

You will need to go more than once, if you are anything like me…your first visit will be totally overwhelming, so much to see. Have fun!

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