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by Kate on February 23, 2012

If you are a long time reader, you may have come to the conclusion that this space isn’t about the ‘real’ me.

I generally only post stuff that has a crafty spin because I just don’t think that this space could ever really be a true representation of me and who I am.

The thought of banging on about me and my life, in all it’s everyday-ness bores the absolute bejeesus out of me.

And then Tam tagged me.

Yes, I probably could have ignored it (which I very nearly did) but I thought hey, why not?…I’ve read a few of these in my time, so let’s ‘participate’.

The everyday

Photo taken by Tim Couslon

describe yourself in 7 words…WHY don’t we use 7 words I’m NOT
patient, tolerant, grey, mother of the year, teetotaler, messy, subtle

what keeps you up at night?
aircraft & the agent..

who would you like to be?
someone with more patience, someone who could rein it in.

what are you wearing right now?
standard summer fare – a dress.

what scares you?
getting murdered in my sleep*

what are the worst things about blogging?

This isn’t really the place for it, is it?? BUT (and it’s a biggie) if you know me in the flesh…ask me my thoughts on social networking and strap yourself in.

The people who have gone from ‘internet’ friends to the life-long, ‘couldn’t live without you’ ones

what was the last website you visited?
www.kootoyoo.com – the only girl on the internet who should be “discovered” from her lounge-room

slankets – yes or no?
Given I had to google ‘slanket’ to answer this question, I think – no.

tell us something about the person who tagged you?
Tam has 5 children, she is a saint – enough said.

*The crime network and too many episodes of ‘Australia’s Most Wanted’ as a child are the reasons for this answer..

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