The Upside…

by Kate on April 24, 2012

of loosing half of my blue glass collection, is hunting around for replacements.

Most of my hunting is being conducted from the comfort of my own home (whilst I wait for my kid free days at the end of the week) and I thought you might like to see some of the stunning pieces that are out there, some affordable, some more of a ‘lotto-win’ purchase.

These beauties are from 1001Vintage

Not vintage, but a gorgeous piece available from Avolie Glass

Mascara Jones *swoon*. Teenie tiny pics but you get the idea..

And a little closer to home is iNVISeDGE, I can already vouch for this fantastic store, wonderful service. You will need to click over to see the pics.

Kirst gets all credit when it comes to me and glass collecting, she really opened my eyes to the world of vintage – possessions that have a story to tell and have a bit of soul.

Are you a fan of the hunt?

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